Yaakov Rosenstein, CPC Hope. Happiness. Freedom.
 Yaakov Rosenstein, CPCHope. Happiness. Freedom. 

WII FM=What's In It For Me?

Reduce Stress and Overwhelm:

As a (Jewish) service professional, you have so much going on between your personal, professional and communal life. I can help you to clarify, prioritize and actualize (CPA), so you can live with more productivity, more time and more peace of mind. Finding the right balance between work, community, family and personal needs and desires requires conscious choice.

Purpose and Fulfillment:

Through the coaching process, you will be able to live more in-line with your core values and passions. You already know what they are, but sometimes some "stuff" gets in the way. I help you identify your core values, as well as the "stuff" that holds you back. Then I help you to release your blocks or make use of them, in order that you live your life to its fullest potential and fulfillment.

Surviving and Thriving through Grief, Loss and Illness:

How would you feel if you could see real value and purpose to your pains and sufferings? Although I also have suffered, I have learned through my own spiritual exploration and with my iPEC Coaching training how to have pain but not to suffer so much. I hope that you, too, can find hope and genuine meaning within your pain and struggles.

Confidence and Self-worth:

"Each of us is greater and wiser than we appear to be." (iPEC Foundation Principle) As your Life & Leadership Coach, you will learn to identify your greatest gifts and strengths. You will grow in self-confidence and self-value, and learn how to share your gifts with others.

Happiness and Joy:

True happiness lies within you. A life of joy is born when you live in balance with who you really are and achieve what you are really meant to do. Happiness comes when you feel connected and in harmony with your significant others and are at peace within yourself. Joy results when you feel spiritually in touch with your inner being and connected to the Source of the Universe. I will teach you how to live a life of joy - irregardless of your circumstances.

Call or text me 412-779-1661 or email yaakov@thefreedomfinder.com

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