Yaakov Rosenstein, CPC Hope. Happiness. Freedom.
 Yaakov Rosenstein, CPCHope. Happiness. Freedom. 

 Yaakov (AKA Jim) Rosenstein, CPC         Certified Personal Coach

Yaakov Rosenstein brings an unusual blend to the world of coaching. He is a product of classic education at Carnegie-Mellon University school of business, rabbinical and chaplaincy training as well as life, relationship and empowerment coach training. He has over 20 years of teaching Judaic studies, spiritual counseling, business and non-profit organizational experience.


Jim grew up in Pittsburgh, loving the Pirates and the Steelers of the 70's, no doubt. He began his entrepreneurial spirit at age 12, when he bought a printing press and went into business. During his college backpacking and skiing days, he grew spiritually as well, including a life-changing conversation with a nun on a Greyhound bus in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1982.


After taking a year off to excursion, backpack and work/ski at Alta, Utah for the season, Jim traveled to Israel. When he requested a religious kibbutz, he was refused and laughed at, where he accepted a left-wing kibbutz experience.He was recommended to leave and found his way to begin his exploration into Judaism and Jewish Spirituality. He studied diligently for 12 years in Israel at Yeshiva / Rabbinical School, and married his lovely wife Rachel, after 6 of those years. Their second child, a healthy boy, did not wake up on his half-year birthday, which forever changed their lives. During those years in Israel, Jim became known as Yaakov, his Hebrew name or as Rabbi Yaakov upon his Ordination in 1994. 


Professionally, he has served as a Pressroom Manager, Teacher and Interum Principal in Edmonton, Canada, Teacher (Rabbi) at Hillel Academy, Outreach Director for the Kollel Jewish Learning Center, Pittsburgh, hospice and hospital Chaplain. He began his first non-profit organization, Torah One on One in 2001 until present.


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With his natural gifts of caring, counseling and teaching, combined with his business accumen and a love to serve others, no wonder that Yaakov was drawn toward coaching. He began his formal coaching studies with Refuah Coaching Institute of Jerusalem, then continued with the Coaching Institute, and finally concluded his training with iPEC (Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching), where he became an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, as well as a Certified Professional Coach.


Today, Jim (or Yaakov)  thrives assisting his clients to attain greater personal freedom and joy, so they can live more successful and fulfilled lives. He especially loves to help busy service professions and entrepreneurs reduce stress in their complicated lives, so they can achieve more personal, professional and communal happiness and success - with less stress.


Call or text me 412-779-1661 or email yaakov@thefreedomfinder.com

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