Yaakov Rosenstein, CPC Hope. Happiness. Freedom.
 Yaakov Rosenstein, CPCHope. Happiness. Freedom. 

You don't need to remain stuck or overwhelmed - in your personal and professional life. You can find hope, joy and personal freedom, at last!

Are you looking to reach a new level of success in your life? A creative professional seeking motivation? An entrepreneur facing start-up challenges? Struggling in a difficult relationship? Suffering through a personal loss or change?


Yaakov Rosenstein can guide you and support you through this challenging time in your life and achieve new levels of opportunity, with less stress and frustration.

No matter who or where you are in life, you can benefit from sound advice and practical strategies to reach your dreams. My expertise and experience will help you turn potential problems into opportunities. You deserve to move forward and live with hope, happiness and fulfillment.

Call or text me 412-779-1661 or email yaakov@thefreedomfinder.com

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